Benton County/Camden Chamber of Commerce

B.C. Veterans Memorial

Benton County Veterans Memorial 
465 Sports Park Road
Camden, TN 38320
First road on the left off of Benton Industrial Road

George Hargrove, US Army-President
eldon wimberly, US Army-Vice President
Diane Goodson, USAF-Secretary/Treasurer
Michael Bendzus, USMC- Assistant 

Darrel Berry, US Army and USMC- Board of Directors
Christy Hodge, Volunteer, Public Relations-Board of Directors

General Contact Information:

Membership ID Requirement:
DD214 (for Veterans) or photo ID (for civilians) 

Veterans Pavilion Use Reservations:
Jerry Dinwiddie, US Army

Stanley Hooten, US Army

Membership can be obtained by contacting Memorial Secretary, Diane Goodson, USAF, at 731-584-6705, or by attending a monthly meeting, held the third Thursday of each month. Currently, meetings are held at 6 p.m., at BMT Museum, on Hwy 641 in Camden, Tennessee. Membership enrollment runs Jan 1 through December 31st. 
At this time, dues are $25 per person. Dues are currently waived for active military.
Benton County Veterans Memorial includes both veterans and civilian members, promoting patriotism through community involvement, for recognition to veterans and military, for their dedication and accomplishments to the United States.
BCVM is a registered 501(c)3 non profit.

Walk of Honor
Applications are available to honor a veteran, by placing a brick at the Memorial Site Walkway. Etched with the military members name , branch and years of service, the investment is $125 each, with all proceeds to benefit Memorial improvements. Once the brick information is confirmed, placement at the Memorial Site occurs usually in 6 weeks or less. (Some special circumstances may apply, affecting placement time)
To obtain an application, email:
Carmen Sparks 731-584-8410
Christy Hodge 731-441-1802
 or contact any BCVM member listed above

Benton County Veterans Memorial Events
(Make sure to Look at The Moving Wall tab!!)

Don't Forget Our Vets Memorial Ride
The first ever motorcycle fundraiser was held in September 2009. With a successful first ride, in 2010, the date was changed to be hosted as an annual event on Memorial Day weekend. Riders of all ages come to show support for veterans by participating in the Saturday bike ride that is immediately followed by a delicious picnic style meal. In 2012, realizing there was a need to expand the ride, cars and trucks were added to the line up. As a result of the yearly event, including matching sponsorships and donations, the ride funds raised thus far exceed $9500 towards memorial development.

Don't Forget Our Vets Memorial Ride 2009

Don't Forget Our Vets Memorial Ride 2010

Don't Forget Our Vets Memorial Ride 2011

Don't Forget Our Vets Memorial Ride 2012

Don't Forget Our Vets Memorial Ride 2013

Don't Forget Our Vets Memorial Ride 2014

May 24, 2014
$20 per bike/classic car or truck
A single meal included per registration 
$5 per passenger, meal included
Registration begins at 9:00 am-Ride begins at 10:00 am
Ride T-Shirts will be available for $15
All proceeds go to the Benton County Veterans Memorial
465 Sports Park Road-Veterans Park
Camden, TN 38320
For more information, please contact Christy Hodge 731-441-1802

Aviation Day
Newest to the Veterans Memorial line up is Aviation Day. Aviation Day is a sure bet, following the high standards now expected at BCVM hosted events. With formation flyovers performed by WWII vintage military planes, there is something to be enjoyed by everyone at this family friendly event held annually at the Benton County Airport in Camden, Tennessee.

Aviation day 2012
In 2012, guests arrived to see nearly 20 planes on runway dispaly, including Memorial member Darrel Berry's rare AT-11, whose missions included: training, bombardiers, gunners and navigators in WWII. Guests were also treated to the much anticipated first view of the new TBM Avenger that now calls Camden home. 

Aviation Day 2013
 In 2013, activities kicked off at 10:00 am. By 2:00 pm there was over 700 people in attendance with 6 states represented and one family from Canada. In addition to the volunteers of the Benton County Veterans Memorial, there were many youth who showed up to volunteer and show patriotism that day.

Aviation Day 2014
Benton County Veterans Memorial Proudly announces:
Saturday May 17, 2014
at the Benton County Airport 
Camden, TN
10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
Gates open at 9:00 A.M.
World War 2 vintage planes will be on display and performing formation flyovers
FIRST EVER Aviation Day flight appearance by the TBM Avenger
Young Eagle Flights for children ages 7-17
Jolly Jumper inflatable for children

**Gate Entry is donation only-free parking-concessions available-lawn chairs suggested**

During WWII, the tranquil seas of the Pacific Ocean were turned into a raging battleground. Massive destroyers and battleships unleashed a barrage of fire power. Overhead, the skies were ablaze with the deadliest aerial battles of the war. From the beginning, the Japanese enjoyed air superiority, but a new breed of lethal allied aircraft arrived to help turn the tide of the war in the Pacific. Of these new fighting machines, one of the most lethal was a carrier based torpedo bomber from the United States. Built to avenge the devastated American fleet at Pearl Harbor, it was christened "The Avenger".

The Avenger bomb bay carried a torpedo to destroy enemy ships or 4 500lb bombs for demolishing targets on land and sea. The Avenger made its debut in the Pacific in June of 1942. Against all odds, it settled into its role as the primary bomber of the war, and became a star in the Pacific and the Atlantic. More than 1000 brave pilots flew this aircraft into battle, navigating their way past enemy fighters.
Come see "The Avenger" fly, May 17th....

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